MEU Madrid 2016 applications opened!

Would you like to be a MP, a representative of a country, a lobbyist or a journalist? MEU Madrid 2014 will give you the chance to do it. MEU Madrid 2016 applications are opened in this website. JEF Madrid organizes this project through the Erasmus Plus program.

Model European Union (MEU) Madrid is a simulation of how the three main bodies of the European Union (the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union) function. Students from all over Europe are welcomed to come and represent the role of a Euro MP, a minister, a journalist or a lobbyist during four days around the debate, negotiation and voting of amendments to a European law. It will take place in  Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 19th September 2016, entirely in English.

MEU Madrid aims to:

-Promote an active young citizenship: To call attention on the importance on their daily life of the decisions taken in the European institutions.  The first step for a citizen who gets involved in politics is a citizen aware of how politics works. Europeans need to understand how the EU works.

-Provide academic knowledge: The best way of understanding how the European laws are made and how its different institutions interact with each other… is to live it from inside!

Besides, MEU is the perfect environment for practicing and improving your formal English skills, both speaken and written.

-Provide non-academic knowledge: To rouse skills and attitudes in the participants such as: teamwork in a multinational environment, public speech and debate, constructive negotiation in an institutional context and the ability of understand the reasons of the ones that have a different opinion than you.

-Create a meetting space for young Europeans that care about the World around them.

julio 17, 2016

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