Journalists experience in Model European Union Madrid

A simulation of how three main bodies of the European Union work is happening this week in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid under the name The Model of European Union. To report this event, students from the university were asked to participate by achieving information and making their own interviews and sending their articles so they can have the chance to be published.

Students in the role of journalists should visit the events taking place to get the chance to know more about the European model and talking to the organizers and participants that play their own role as economists, lawyers, lobbyists and politicians working in the different bodies: European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

Quoting Cristina Alba, a student who is working as journalist:” This is a great idea for people from different degrees; I am feeling as journalist for the first time with this great experience of getting information and reporting and seeing the everyday life of a journalist.”

Diana Fresno talks on the simulation of European Ministers:” I attended a press conference with ministers from Germany, Hungary, Portugal and Luxemburg and Greece and the chance of meeting this people that provides a unique experience.”

After writing their own articles and press releases the students have to handle their work to one of the two groups responsible for editing and creating a newspaper of the event. According to María Nevzorava, one of the participants, “the most important thing is to report what they intend to do after the Conference with their new acquired knowledge”.

As it is the first time students get the chance to be published, they are really excited with this opportunity. Making a great effort to report such an event, without missing any important information, they are struggling to get their articles chosen.


Written by: Paula Marchesini and Laura Alonso.

marzo 12, 2014

  • The article seems to be very professional. Congratulations to Paula Marchesini and Laura Alonso!

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