European Movement: «The upcoming EU elections are a chance for citizens to have an influence on the future of Europe»

By: Dennis Krogsdal Madsen 14.03.2014

 At the closing event of the European Model, taking place at Universidad Carlos 3 de Madrid from 11-14th March, the European Movement encouraged the young participants to vote for the upcoming elections if they wanted to have a say in the future of Europe.

The European model organized by the association of Political Science Students (AECPOL) and Young European Federalists Madrid (JEF Madrid) is an event for young people from all over Europe, where students from 20 countries participated. The aim of the model is for the young people to learn more about how the EU works and how the decision-making takes place in the different instances within the EU. At the model, which took place from 11-14th of March at Universidad Carlos 3 de Madrid, the students had different roles, such as politicians, lobbyists and some were journalists. Each had to play a role in the creation of a directive about tax haven, which was the topic of the simulation model.


Remember to vote

At the closing event of the European Model different speakers were invited to speak for the participants. One of the speakers was Carlos Uriarte from the Spanish department of the European Movement. He used the opportunity to speak to the young people about the future of Europe and how important it was to remember at the upcoming elections from 22-25th May. In this connection he said that “right now we are facing troubles in the EU and EU is not perfect, but we can try to do it better and in this connection it is important that people from Europe remember to vote at the upcoming elections.”


Vote no matter who you vote for

One of Carlos Uriarte’s main points was that it did not matter which party people will vote for as long as they vote, because then it shows that they are involved in Europe and working together to create a better Europe. “If people do not vote they are not allowed to criticize what is going on in the EU, because if they want to criticize they could have voted at the elections and showing how they believe it should be.”

 The elections, which have been described as the most important ones in the history of EU, will take place from the 22nd to the 25th of May in the 28 countries being part of the European Union, where new members for the European Parliament will be appointed.

marzo 14, 2014

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