Round tables: the future of Europe

The next 6th September from 17:30 to 20:30 JEF Madrid will be organizing a meeting with European Federalists from Europa Union Kreisverband Kassel-Stadt (Kassel, Germany). The event will take place in the city center of Madrid. It will consist of a series of round tables on the broad topic of the present and future of Europe. In particular, some of the topics we will be dealing are the following:
– The current political and economical situation and its thread to the European construction
– German and Spanish view on the European process
– A federalist future for Europe? What kind of federalism for Europe?
– European federalism in Madrid/Spain

Our aim is that the public attending can have a bigger say in the discusions held, so that the tables will be small enough to allow the participation of the public. The round tables will be held in three languages: Spanish, English and German. We have a limit in the availability of seats in the rooms booked so that we will ask you to inscribe you in the following form. The selected participants will be sent the contact details of the event.

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