Tax havens are the main characters in the university

by Noelia Cañas García

The Model European Congress lodge in the Universidad Carlos III in Getafe for four days. International students of European countries are organized around debates and sessions with the supposed European Council

The second day session of the Model European Congress faces the problem of tax havens. The conferences of this Wednesday started at half paste eleven with the intervention of two experts on finances, Ricardo García Zaldivar and Carlos Ruiz Escudero, who gave a lesson on the European economy based on tax havens and Financial Transaction Tax (FTT).

They are also members of the social movement attac España (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and for the Citizens Action). This association has explained the current situation related with the application of financial transaction tax and the disappearance of the tax heavens, what they are, what are the main features and their consequences in reality in the society.

Near 100 participants of different nationalities are taking part on this experience that started yesterday and will last until Friday. They have been divided on the different countries of the European Union and they had to interact as representatives of their assigned nationality. Most of them are academics. The supposed Camera is composed by the parliament, the commission, the journalists, the lobbyist and the chairs (who moderate the debate).

The last part of the morning session was focus on the questioning of the participants. It was a more practical part between the representatives and the European commission. All of them received a paper proposal that during this week will be debates, amended and votes by the european. Depending on the result of the debate the proposals could be adopted or rejected.

During the afternoon there were supposed to be faction meetings, interviews for journalists, informal meetings and press conferences, followed by press conferences and parliamentary commissions. The day of tomorrow promises to be very interesting with more meetings and debates.


marzo 13, 2014

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