Workshop on Democracy 2012

We are glad to announce our «Workshop on Democracy 2012». This is a two step project to promote awareness about democracy within Europe and its challenges. The first step of the project is an international workshop. The second step of the project is a set of follow up activities developped by the participants. This project is the result of the partnership of JEF Madrid and JEF Catalunya, coordinated by JEF Spain. This activity is funded by the European Commission through the Youth in Action programme.

From 7th until 11th November 2012, an international workshop will take place in Alcalá de Henares (near Madrid). There participants will learn through non formal education procedures about democracy and will exchange their views about present threats. Afterwards participants will define and lead a set of activities aiming to promote more democracy in Europe, involving a more proactive role of young people in 2014 elections.

People interested in the project can participate in two ways. They can take part in the whole project (seminar and online activities) or only in the second part of the project (the follow up online activities). The seminar will rely heavily in non formal education procedures and learning through experimentarion. The follow up activities will depend on the proposals of the participants and will consist of the creation of multimedia materials (videos, interviews, photo albums, etc.), social media campaigns or whatever you, participants, come with.

Global Objectives of the project
• To promote greater awareness among the youth of the theoretical mechanisms that govern democracies
• To promote a close practical knowledge on the various democratic processes
• To contribute to a greater awareness among young Europeans of their similarities in their common democratic project
• To create a European democratic awareness
• To make public the activities of EU institutions

• English will be the working language
• Participants who will attend the workshop have to participate in the online activities
• Participants age: 18-30.
• Participants need to bring their European health card.
• Participation fee: 60 euros for people coming from JEF or partner organizations. It includes food and accomodation for the whole stay. The participation in the online activities is free.
• Travel reimbursement: 70% of travel costs (maximum reimbursement = 100 euros) for JEF and partner organizations.
Extended deadline.
• Participants from Spain, please register and then contact us for more information.

This project is the result of the partenariat of Jóvenes Europeos Federalistas de Madrid, Joventut Federalista Europea de Catalunya, GRAFFIO Soc. Coop. Sociale, Gioventù Federalista Europea, EUni Partners, Young European Federalists, Citizens Initiative for Active Democracy and JEF Belgium. They cooperate with us to make the selection process of participants coming from their organizations. If you do not belong to any of the former or an affiliated section of JEF Europe and you are interested in taking part in the workshop, please contact us.

• There is a reduced number of scholarships for economical reasons. Apply for them when fullfilling the form.
• Better travel reimboursements might be applied for low travel expenses.
• We will inform about specific conditions for both when the selection process is over

Program of the Workshop
16:00-17:45.- Reception of participants and city tour
17:45-18:00.- Presentation of the Workshop
18:00-19:45.- First Workshop
20:15-21:00.- Dinner
21:00-23:00.- European Quiz

9:15.- Departure from Alcalá to Madrid
11:00-13:00.- Visit to the Congress
13:00-14:00.- Lunch
14:00-17:00.- 3 Tours of Madrid
17:00-18:30.- International conference «Democratic deficit within the European Union»
19:00.- Departure to Alcalá
20:15.- Dinner

9:30-13:30.- Second workshop
13:30-16:00.- Lunch break
16:00-19:30.- Third workshop
20:15.- Dinner

9:30-11:30.- Fourth workshop
12:00-13:30.- Preparation of working groups
13:30-16:00.- Lunch break
16:00-18:00.- Café Europa: organization of future activities
20:15.- Dinner
23:30.- European party

11:30.- Departure from appartments
11:30-12:30.- Evaluation of the workshop and farewell

Here you can find a more detailed description of the seminar and here you can find the application form.

agosto 23, 2012

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