Adopt a JEFer

Spain is the country that receives the largest Erasmus community all over Europe, but still we have had some trouble in Madrid to get in touch with foreign students for our JEF activities. It happens oftenly that some JEFers come to Madrid but we do not get to meet. Now that the semester has just started we have thought about doing some activities for students visiting Madrid and the surrounding areas. Even for those coming only for a few days. So you are welcomed to join or use the platform for your convenience.

Thus, we wanted to launch this idea so that we can reach these students right now. We are currently using it for some activities in Madrid. You’ll find that it can be useful in other ways if you join the wiggio group (it is a cool tool). Right now it is only a beta test. Let’s see how it turns. I will send some invitations so that you can try it.

febrero 22, 2011

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