Seminario: «Core Europe – A new engine towards the European Federation?»

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Immigration, global climate change, the regulation of the financial markets or the social implications of the globalization – Europe is facing many issues that can’t be dealt with effectively on the national level anymore. At the same time, the current European Union in many policy areas is lacking the competences to address these problems.

Furthermore, with the emergence of new powers like China and India, even large EU member states are too small to play a significant role in international politics and to represent their interests effectively. This is both true for matters, where Europe’s selfinterest is concerned, like for example energy security, as well as for broader issues like international security or the ability to cope global challenges.

These circumstances, some argue, call for the creation of a European federal state. But how realistic is it, that the EU will take such a resolute step in the years to come?

El PLAZO SE ACABA el día 15 de FEBRERO, puedes encontrar toda la información pinchando aquí

febrero 14, 2010

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